AUDITIONS for the hilarious comedy "Murder at the Howard Johnson's" will be held at 6 PM on Sept. 11 and 12, 2017. 
Show dates: October 27-Nov. 5
1 Female, 2 Males
Directed by Rusty Jones; Stage Manager: Lisa Cope
Show Sponsor: WKMS

Audition requirements: cold readings from the script

Can murder possibly be funny? Only when three goofy bunglers give it their all. Paul and Arlene Miller's marriage is a bit, shall we say, on the rocks, and so she and her lover, Dr. Mitch Lavell, a dentist with murder in his heart, conspire to do away with Paul. When that fails, Paul and Arlene plot to do away with Mitch, and when that fails, the boys scheme to take out Arlene. But don't worry, nobody gets hurt (except the audience, from laughing so hard).